Goodbye and Thank you

by Mrs. Nilsen on June 14th, 2014

There’s something going on at MRA that speaks to the depths of what I believe is most important for our world.  It has seeped into the school grounds so subtly you might have missed it.  Yet it is also so apparent in all that the students, teachers, and community does that you cannot help but be inspired by it:
MRA is becoming an intentional community of life-long learners who care about each other and the world.
My personal passions and core beliefs have manifested in various roles throughout my life thus far.  Whether you know me as a teacher or a pastor, as a mentor or a friend, I strive to be a part of creating intentional community in all aspects of my life.  It isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s downright arduous, even painful.  But I believe that when people come together with a shared set of values and strive to really get to know each other, the world becomes a little bit better of a place. 
This drive to help create connection is why my husband and I decided to join the Peace Corps.  We want to create safe space in which people can share stories and grow professionally.  We want to share our own stories and cultivate relationships.  We want to be a part of building bridges between human experiences.
I have learned so much about creating and being a community through my time as a teacher at MRA.  “Thank you” doesn’t seem strong enough to express the sincere gratitude I have for the students, parents, and staff who have helped mold me into the teacher and person I am today.  I will carry your stories and lessons with me not only as I travel to Nicaragua, but throughout my life as a teacher. 
So thank you.  Thank you for the challenges.  For the growth.  For the laughter.  For the support.  For the chance to learn myself what teaching and learning are really all about.  I have as much hope for the future of MRA as I do respect for the current staff and community who have put their everything into this school.
While my journey at MRA has come to an end, I will think of you often and check in when I can.  If you want to follow my future adventures, head to as that’s where Andrew and I will be blogging and sharing henceforth.  I’d love to hear from you.
May the process of becoming compassionate, responsible, life-long learners continue to challenge and inspire you, as much as it has me these last three years.  May you acknowledge the power that we all have, no matter how small, in crafting this nurturing community we all call MRA.

Love and light,
Emily Nilsen

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