Senior Art

by Mrs. Nilsen on May 1st, 2014

Senior Teacher May Newsletter Piece

"Persistence, problem-solving, planning, and logic; traits learned in math class? Yes, but more importantly, traits that one learns in arts classes that help improve comprehension in other more traditionally academic classes. A 2003 report from the National Association from the State Boards of Education compiled data from multiple reliable studies across the United States showing the positive correlation between arts education and academic achievement, including but definitely not limited to scores on standardized tests. Molalla River Academy shares the belief that the arts are important and incorporates the arts both as separate classes and within other subjects that lend itself to an artistic component. 

Thanks to Laurel Glasmire and a few wonderful parent volunteers, MRA aims to expose students to art through Art Literacy units. Each set of lessons focuses on a different artist and style, walks students through some of the history and important features of the particular artist, and then invites students to make art in the style presented. This month, Claude Monet was our focus and inspiration as students painted outside, right on the canvas, and in an impressionistic style. 

We've been integrating the arts into computer literacy this term as well. Our seniors have been exploring graphic design using the Open Office Draw program. They're discovering how to create original artwork using a variety of drawing tools. They have each designed a box for a real or imaginary product, making them realistic and visually attractive to the consumer. They will also be designing a poster promoting the MRA Showcase. We will run this as a contest. Teachers will judge the posters and the best design will be chosen to represent the event throughout our community. With April being National Poetry Month, our 4th and 5th graders are learning word processing skills this term as they type and illustrate their poems, both originals and published favorites. Make sure to check out the computer lab during the Showcase, where many of our students' “computer” artwork will be displayed.

Our seniors also get the option of an art elective where they get exposure to drawing,
painting, sculpting and more. Through a variety of mediums, students are developing visual and spatial awareness while learning about contrast, shape, form, shading, and contouring. All of the wonderful art being created by the students at MRA will be available for viewing at our annual MRA Showcase on May 15."

MRA Senior Teachers,
Mrs. Nilsen, Mrs. Davidson-Parker, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Lowenberg

See the post below to see some samples of these fabulous pieces of art!!

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