Mixed Emotions

by Mrs. Nilsen on March 31st, 2014

A note from Mrs. Shelley

"MRA Teacher News: It is with mixed emotions that I need to inform you that two of our MRA teachers will be moving on after this school year:
  • Mrs. Nilsen and her husband Andrew recently received notice that they have been accepted into the Peace Corps. This has been a long term goal for the Nilsen’s, and although we are sad to see her go, we wish Mrs. Nilsen all our best as she and Andrew venture off to a new land and new experiences.
  • ‐Mrs. Ally and her husband will be moving to the East Coast as he pursues his degree in one of the more prestigious graduate programs. Again, we will most certainly be sad to see Mrs.Ally leave MRA. She has been here since the school’s inception and has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into our success and has had a lot of impact on the lives of many of our students. We wish them all the best on their new journey as well.
  • Interviews for new teachers will begin this spring and we will let you know when we have hired and who we have hired as soon as possible."
- Mrs. Shelley in the MRA Parent Memo Mar 24th


It is with mixed emotions as well that I let all of you know our big news.  My three years here at MRA have been some of the best.  I've learned so much from all of you and will forever cherish my time here.  We will be living and serving in Nicaragua for at least the next two years, training teachers and sharing in cultural exchange as we share of ourselves and the people of Nicaragua share with us.

I often find it difficult in life to not live in the past or the future.  With so much coming in our future, it would be easy for me to focus a majority of my time and energy towards getting ready for that next adventure.  I'm continuing to learn though, the importance of being present.  If we are always living in the past or the future, we miss what's happening right here in our lives now.  
While we will be preparing for our Nicaragua departure over the next couple of months, it is my intention for my heart and mind to be present here.  Here in the NW.  Here at MRA.  Here with my students.  I don't have to say goodbye yet!  We still have a whole term of learning, and laughter, and growth!  I wouldn't miss that for the world.

So Seniors, are you ready for our 3rd Trimester?  I am.  Let's do this!

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