Inspiration from Oregon's Poets

by Mrs. Nilsen on January 18th, 2014


Such a scary word for so many of us.  One of my goals as we work through this unit is that we come to understand that poetry, like any writing, doesn't have to be perfect.  We'll write some duds, some lame, or just OK works...because it takes practice.  This week we talked about that work ethic it takes to be good.  We discussed the idea that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be considered an expert and that if we really want to be writers, then we need to write.  We need to write a lot.  It's OK to make mistakes.  We have to try.  

One of the places we found some inspiration was from the following OPB interview with Kim Stafford, the late William Stafford's son.  We had a terrific discussion after listening to the segment this week.  Give it a listen and feel free to share your thoughts below.  
I brought home our Writer's Notebooks this weekend and am so enjoying reading through the poems and other writing our students are working on.  They're not perfect.  Some aren't great.  But... there are a couple who are really taking the lessons and tips we've been working on, who are flirting with writing tremendous poetry.

I'll share some as soon as I can!
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[1] "Q&A: Kim Stafford Remembers Poet Father's Work Ethic." Interview by Geoff Norcross. Morning Edition. NPR. OPB, Portland, OR, 15 Jan. 2014. Radio.

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