Roots of Responsibility Day 2013

by Mrs. Nilsen on November 2nd, 2013

MRA's first annual Roots day was a huge success!

If you had the pleasure of volunteering last Friday, you would have seen the entire community working together, learning about the world around us, and live the mission of MRA.  The morning was full of service projects for the seniors.  The 6/7s worked on a variety of projects around the MRA campus that needed help.  I ventured into town with our 8th graders to volunteer at the Molalla Community Garden.  Working together, we winterized as much of it as we could in our time there.  We've heard that it was a great help to some of the owners, as a few aren't as mobile any more, and winterizing is hard work.
That afternoon was perhaps my favorite day at school of all time.  We had a giant campfire - K through 8, and celebrated our harvest, our school, and our community.  Performances from each grade showed off our amazing preforming arts program and the Seniors stepped up to lead "campfire songs" during the transition times.  It was incredible to see how many seniors wanted to lead songs and to hear their voices along with the rest of the school.  Towards the end of the campfire, we share our freshly pressed apple cider (that the Seniors made that morning), popcorn and roasted pumpkin seeds (that the youngers made that morning).  
How lucky we are, to work and learn at a school that values this kind of community and learning along with excellence in our academic studies.  "This school was made for you and me..."

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