ODS - One week and counting!

by Mrs. Nilsen on October 8th, 2013

7 more days...

The 6th and 7th grade Outdoor School experience begins one week from today and I can't wait!  The smell of a campfire, the crispness in the fall air, the fungi and lichen all around, they all remind me of Outdoor School and the incredible adventure we are about to undertake.  

As we approach the week, I thought I'd send along a few quick reminders to help parents and students finish preparing:

1. We leave for ODS Tuesday morning, October 15.  Please arrive at the school by 6:00 am.  
2.  We will return to MRA on Friday afternoon around 2:15 pm.  Please pick up your student at our normal end of school time - 3 pm.
3. If your student is taking any medication to ODS, please do not pack it.  An adult will have to hand it directly to me on Tuesday morning so that I can transport it to the nurse.  
4. Remember - there is a no cell phone policy at ODS.  Any cell phones that go to ODS will also have to be turned in to me on Tuesday morning.
5. Remember - there's also a no food rule to keep critters away.  I'll gladly confiscate any food students try to sneak in.  I'm always hungry. ;)
6. Students should dress for rainy weather - they do not have to wear their uniform.  We will still have class outside in the rain, hail, snow, sun, etc.  That's a promise.  A cold, wet student, is usually an unhappy student.
7. If you are wondering what to pack, check out this handy, dandy packing help form.
8. Students should pack in one suitcase and one day pack.  They will have to carry their own luggage without much assistance and we're only gone 4 days, so try to pack as light as possible.
9. If you haven't yet, payment plans must be planned with the office or Ms. Shelley before students attend ODS.
10. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.  I will be out of town this weekend, but will try to respond to email as promptly as I can.   

It really is going to be an amazing week!  I will take lots of pictures and post a blog post as soon as I can.  Thank you all for loaning your students to me for the week.  MRA students + outdoors + hands on learning + camp = one happy Mrs. Nilsen.

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