Skateboard Science and Building Atoms

by Mrs. Nilsen on October 6th, 2013

Weekly Science News 9/30 - 10/4

Note: 6s and 7s - there will be at least one (if not more) posts next week about ODS.  Keep your eyes peeled for tips on preparing for our epic week! 

6th Grade Science - Scientific Method

Sixth graders are still working hard at getting the basics of all that we will study this year down - the Scientific Method.  This past week we focused on reviewing some of the main concepts through our Visual Verbal Vocabulary, exploring how to represent data in three main types of graphs, and how to wrap up studies with a conclusion.  

7th Grade Science - Skateboard Science

If you walk in our classroom (which I highly encourage and invite you to do) you'll see a slew of cardboard supplies lining the front of the room.  The piles of cardboard are our supplies for skateboard science - a fun Interact Unit that teaches students all about the physics of motion through interactive investigations and a team simulation.  We are just finishing up Phase 1 before we head to ODS, so that we will be able to start Phase 2 upon our return.  Students love learning when you give them real life problems and ways to actively test and figure out the answers on their own.  Its definitely one of my favorite ways to teach and fits the model we set out to meet here at MRA.

8th Grade Science - Atoms and the Periodic Table

The 8s have started studying the invisible universe of Atoms and Elements.  It can be an intimidating topic at first, but I strive to have lessons that help students break apart the meaning of big, tough topics in small, tangible ways.  One example from this week:  we looked at how the atomic model has changed over time (you might think it looks like that symbol from Jimmy Neutron, but you would be mistaken) and built models out of Playdoh. 

Sadly, the 8s will not be joining us for ODS.  They have a project to work on for Science - "The Periodic Table of What?!"  Their science class time next week will be divided among some of the other subjects (8th grade project, for example) so that their time is well spent and meaningful.  I will miss their spunk next week, but they know how powerful and awesome ODS can be for our 6th and 7th graders first hand!

All Classes

Want to actually see what we're doing?  Stop by the classroom to volunteer, or check out next week's blog.  I intend to upload a lot of pictures this upcoming week!  

Looking Forward

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