Weekly Word Study - Individualized Spelling

by Mrs. Nilsen on October 5th, 2013

Weekly ELA News 9/30 - 10/4

We (as a class) were beginning to fall a little behind this week.  On Monday, there were 49 missing assignments in 6th ELA alone!  In Science, there were another 35 for 6th grade.  So we took a couple days to just get caught back up.  I kept their ELA notebooks and they are excused from their 3-5 pages of writing for this week.  

We are still continuing on with our Individualized spelling program - Weekly Word Study.  So I thought I'd take this blog post to tell you all about it!
Every week, students are to choose 5 words that they want to learn how to spell.  I highly encourage words they are trying to use in their writing, but are using incorrectly due to not knowing how to spell them.  This allows students to all work at their own pace and skill level.  I work with students to choose words that are appropriate.  I mark words I see in their writing that would be good words to learn and practice.  Students use the Weekly Word Study page Sample picture is on the left and extra copies, as always, are in my room and on Engrade.  (If you're a teacher wanting to use this method, it can be found in Nancie Atwell's Lessons That Change Writers.[1]  I'm only posting enough on here to help my parents and students know what to do for these assignments.)

Students follow the procedure below to a T as they practice their words.  The idea is to move their word from the short term to the long term parts of their memory.  Taking a break in between each word helps them to do this.  If you have any questions about the procedure, feel free to ask away!
The thing I love most about this approach to spelling is not only does it meet students individually, but they enjoy it.  Instead of dreading their weekly spelling test, they have fun with it and learn at the same time!
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[1] Atwell, Nancie. Lessons That Change Writers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinmann, 2002.

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