Outdoor School Forms and Parent Information

by Mrs. Nilsen on September 19th, 2013

Paperwork, forms, and more information than you'd ever need!

Hi all,

We had a great parent meeting this afternoon and went over a few questions parents had about ODS.  Here's some of the highlights:

1. Forms will come home with students tomorrow 9/20.  The "green" medical forms (see below) are due back by next Wednesday 9/25.  If you do not have some of the requested supplies, please let me know.  We can call on the community to borrow, or sometimes ODS has a few we can borrow, too.  We just need to know.  It's REALLY IMPORTANT to have a rain coat.  Chances are that it will rain and a wet, cold student is often a miserable student.  
2. All 6th and 7th graders are expected to go to Outdoor School.
3. There is a fully trained staff, including a full time nurse at camp 24-7 who can't wait to have us there.  We're in communication now to help them prepare for our students in any way they need to (dietary restrictions, medical needs, etc.)  
4.  Money is due as soon as you can get it in.  Set up a payment plan in the office or talk about options with Ms. Shelley.
5. If there is a parent who would like to head up a fundraiser to help bring cost down for students, please speak with Ms. Shelley.
6. We went over lots of little details that I'm happy to share with you if you have questions or concerns.  Below you'll find lots of links and probably more information than you'll ever need, but I wanted you to be able to find it if you want to know more:

Equipment List - English/Spanish - sent home in hard copy.
Student Medical form - English - This one is due back on Wed. 9/25!  Also sent home in hard copy.
Student Guidebook - English  - I'll be going over this one in class with students.
Souvenirs - Individual Order Form - optional.  If ordering, must turn in order form and money by next Wednesday as well.  
Program Tour
2013-14 Brochure
Outdoor School Spring 2012 Blog Post - MRA's experience at ODS two years ago (pictures, comments from students, and videos too!)

I think that's most of it.  It'll be here before we know it.  I look forward to preparing with you and your students over the coming weeks!  

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