Outdoor School Fall 2013

by Mrs. Nilsen on August 21st, 2013

Seniors and parents,

I have the pleasure of telling you about maybe the most exciting news for the entire 2013-2014 school year…

The 6th and 7th graders are going to Outdoor School this fall!  The Seniors had the opportunity to attend ODS two years ago, and as any current 8th grader could tell you, it was one of the biggest highlights of the entire year.
Outdoor School is an overnight camping experience where students get to explore Science in a real and natural setting.  With a completely trained and qualified staff, ODS offers an unforgettable experience and classes that align with Oregon standards and curriculum.  Let me put it this way:  It’s school, but it’s camp!  What could be better in life?!
For a little background, before I worked here at MRA, I was a Field Instructor at ODS and I fully believe in it’s mission and purpose.  The transformation that occurs when students get to live and explore the worlds of science that exist around us is incredible.  Throw in eating meals together (prepared by a team of cooks who can meet dietary needs), campfire and silly singing, and all the other experiences that make up camp and you have all the makings for an spectacular week.
There are far to many questions for me to answer them all in this update, so let me get to a few of them now and direct you to way to find the answers to others.
When: October 15-18, 2013 (Tues-Fri)
Where: Magruder Outdoor School (17450 Old Pacific Hwy, #7, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136)
Who: MRA 6th and 7th graders + Mrs. Nilsen and one other teacher TBA.
Cost: $200 per student  - it’s cheaper to attend in the fall and I’m all about saving money when possible!  Please work out any payment options with Ms. Shelley. 
Overview of Program: Program Tour
Read about MRA’s experience at ODS from two years ago (pictures, comments from students, and videos too!):  Outdoor School Spring 2012 Blog Post
If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me.  There will be lots more information coming your way in the coming weeks as we prepare for this experience.
Outdoor School, here we come!

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