Circuit Boards Galore!

by Mrs. Nilsen on May 17th, 2013

Weekly Science News 5/13 - 5/17

This week was all about Series and Parallel circuits in the Senior grades!

On Monday I gave students supplies and let them explore how currents can flow through certain materials.  I love those inquiry based lessons, where students get to problem solve themselves without me giving the answers straight to them.  Some of the groups took 5...10...20 minutes to figure out the challenges, but how powerful when they come to the understand on their own! 

The rest of the week was spent preparing for and completing a circuit board project.  Each student made their very own series and parallel circuit board, complete with working lights, and conductive material!  If you have a 9-volt batter at home, they can show you how the flow of electricity goes through each part of their materials.  I encourage you to do that with students this weekend, as being able to explain the process will be part of their final assessment for the unit next Friday (5/24).  I love putting real supplies right in kids hands!    Here's a set that Cody H. made this week in class.  They were all so proud of their work.

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