2013 Auction Basket - Camping

by Mrs. Nilsen on March 17th, 2013

Weekly Homeroom News 3/11 - 3/15

Hey Homeroom!

Here’s a message from our Room Parent about our auction basket.  There's a box in my room to collect donations.  Exciting stuff!  Thanks in advance for your help.

Mrs. Nilsen 

"Hi Parents - The auction is coming up soon after we come back from spring break, so it's time to start collecting items for Mrs. Nilsen's classroom basket. The theme is backyard/outdoor fun to go along with their firepit art project.  Please try to send something in before spring break if you can. Everyone will have to pitch in to make the basket a success ! If you'd rather make a monetary donation, I will be happy to do the shopping for you. Here are some ideas of items to contribute:

citronella candles                                  sprinkler

solar lights                                            slip and slide

kiddie pool                                            bocceball set

badminton set                                        hula hoop

ice cream maker                                    smore items

picnic blanket                                       roasting sticks

outdoor chairs                                      jump rope                         

tiki torches                                           croquet set             

outdoor plates/cups                              stepping stone kit

lemonade pitcher                                   hammock

sidewalk chalk


Anything else you can think of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for helping make Mrs. Nilsen's homeroom basket a success !"

Angie Burke

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