DonorsChoose Fully Funded!!

by Mrs. Nilsen on February 6th, 2013

Thought you might like to see the amazing update below!!  WOW!  Five new iPod touches on their way to my classroom today.  Thank you for all of your help!

Source:                                                                                                   3 hours ago
Good news: Project fully funded!

3 hours agoEllen C a Staff member at
Purchased the technology for Mrs. Nilsen's classroom and notified the school principal of delivery.

3 4
4 hours agoMrs. Nilsen the Teacher

Dear Roberta Lahue Brown, Andrew Nilsen, Michelle Parce, Tore & Patricia Nilsen, Erik Nilsen, Carla Nilsen, Mrs. Nilsen, Dianne, Brett, Paige Webberley, Pam Mandrell, Kathy Glasmire, Sean Langdon, Katie Sullivan, Jeanette Guntle, Sarah Webber-Aguinaldo, Barbara Mesle, Joe Oxley, Jenny, Jack Black, Kari Nilsen, Justina Sharp, Christine, The Board of Directors and Anonymous Donor, 

I am astounded by all of your generosity. Thank you for your help in making this project a reality. My students are beginning to write their Science Fair papers next week, and with your help, even more students can be successful! Your donation will make an immediate, important impact in the lives of my students!

I wish there was a stronger way to say, "Thank you." Perhaps the image of me dancing around my classroom this morning informing my students of the good news will help you understand the depth of my sincere gratitude. When we work together like this, great things can happen for this new generation of students. Here's a giant cheer for Literacy education and enhancement through the use of technology!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Nilsen

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