Scientific Equipment Exploration

by Mrs. Nilsen on September 21st, 2012

Weekly Science News 9/17 - 9/21


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

What a packed week!  Here at the beginning of the year, all three classes are learning (or reviewing) the Scientific Method.  After the first of the year we will break off into different topics for most of the rest of the year.  The science fair will be an all Senior unit as well (Science fair = March 20!)  

We spent the week exploring some of the scientific equipment that we have here at MRA.  Students learned about safety in science, measurement and the metric system, graduated cylinders, balance scales (double-pan and triple-beam), microscopes and lenses, thermometers, Erlenmeyer flasks, eye droppers, magnifying glasses and more!  I realized last year that our Seniors needed to know how to use our equipment and have time practicing with  different pieces if they are to be successful when we run experiments.  Students learned new vocabulary at each station (meniscus, force, grams, calibration, etc.), spent time exploring with the equipment, and finally completed an independent practice page to show me their new knowledge. 

Check out the pictures below to get a glimpse of our fun, hard work this week.  (Yes, those words can go together!)  

Senior Voices:

Here's what a few of our Seniors had to say about our equipment exploration:

"My favorite piece of equipment is the microscope.  I learned that what you use to change the objective lenses is called the nosepiece.  I like it because it's neat to see things up close." - Cody H.

"My favorite thing was the scales, mostly because it was shocking to see how sensitive it was when you added miniscule objects like erasers.  It was also interesting how big you had to go to get [the weight we were aiming for] and how little things add up." - Devin B

I have only learned about an Erlenmeyer flask and thermometer, but I like the flask the best.  I like the flask because it can be used for lots of things." - Emily B.

"My favorite is the microscopes because they are fun to look at specimens.  I learned the two different light placements change the setting of light on the slides." - Jarrett C.

"I liked learning about the scales because I never learned how to use a triple-beam balance scale before." - Nathan B.

"My favorite piece of equipment is the microscope.  I haven't really got to use one before so it was cool.  At the station I learned the different parts of the microscope and how to put slides in." - Kaitlyn B.

"I liked the microscopes because it was really cool to see stuff you can't see.  It was my favorite because I loved writing the definitions.  I also like the scales - trying to balance everything else.  p.s: for the microscopes I saw de amebas!" - Kaity P.

Be on the look out for experiments with partner pairs (of my choosing) next week and a study guide for our first end of unit assessment.  (The test will be next Friday, Sept. 28th.  I won't always do tests for final assessments, but use a variety of types of final assessments.  This first one is a test, though, that is differentiated for each grade.)


Monday, September 24th

Tuesday, September 25th 
     - Subway Lunch orders due no later than 3:30 p.m. (later orders will not be accepted) – Please pay separate from your pizza order.
     - Homework Club 3-4pm

Wednesday, September 26th 
     - Subway Lunch and Early Release – 1:00 pm
     - Pizza orders and money due no later than 1:30 p.m.  (late orders will not be accepted)
     - 4th – 8th Grade Assembly in the Gym from 8:20 to 9:15 a.m.

 Thursday, September 27th 

 Friday, September 28th  
     - Pizza Lunch
     - Homework Club 3-4pm

Looking Ahead
·         October 2nd , 3:15 p.m.: MRA Booster Meeting at MRA
·         October 4th: Parent Math Night
·         October 5th:  Jogathon and HoopAThon
·         October 9th, 6:30 p.m.: MRA Board Meeting
·         Week of October 15th: Book Fair
·         October 19th: No School State Wide Inservice
·         October 20th : Harvest Festival
·         October 31th: Teacher Planning Day - No School
·         November 1st and 2nd: Parent Teacher Conferences - No School
·         T-Shirt Sale: MRA t-shirts are uniform approved. We will be selling shirts with the MRA Logo and the new mascot in October

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