Holiday Weekend and MRA Memo

by Mrs. Nilsen on August 31st, 2012

Just a real quick Friday update to say that I LOVED seeing those of you who could come to the BBQ this past Tuesday, and that I'm so looking forward to this coming Tuesday as well!  After getting almost tackled to the ground by Linden, attacked by Nathan and Jonathan the moment I stepped out of my classroom, and receiving high fives and hugs from lots of other Seniors too, I can just feel it.  It's going to be such a good year.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  I'll see you on Tuesday!  

p.s. - Don't forget to bring all your supplies and that parents (or carpool drivers) have to pick up each of their kids from our classrooms.  If your student is in my homeroom, they'll be in my room at the end of each day.  In case you missed Shelley Urben's memo (where carpool and drop off / pick up is explained), I've posted it below:  (click "read more" to see the memo.)
"Dear Parents –

Every week, either at the end of the week or on Mondays, we will be sending out a weekly memo via email, and we will be posting it to the school's website. This memo is simply meant to inform you of any pertinent information that you might need for the upcoming few days.

Following is information for next week:

For those of you who completed the carpool form, we will be contacting those who indicated that they are willing to help facilitate carpools and they will be in contact with the rest of you.  Please watch your emails for further information

Drop off and Pick up
1. Drop off time at MRA is no earlier than 8:00 a.m.  At this point we don’t anticipate any traffic issues, but will address them if they do arise.
2. Due to the high volume of cars coming in for pickup after school however, we have developed the following plan:
   a. Parents picking up children ONLY in grades K – 3 are asked to pick their children up at 2:50 p.m.
   b. Parents picking up any child in grades 4 – 8 (with or without a younger student) will be asked to pick up starting 3:00 p.m.
We are hoping that staggering this pick up time will lessen the potential for a traffic jam.
   c. We would like every car to park and for parents to come to the classrooms, check in with the teacher and gather their kids. This is a safety issue and we believe that it will alleviate potential confusion.
   d. Because we are limited on parking, we have come up with a parking plan for pick up ONLY. Please see the attached pdf map.

Volunteers Needed  - Please email the office at to help.                   
We are looking for the following volunteers to help out with the first week of school:
- Parking help at pick up time so that we can make sure everyone understands where they can park
- A volunteer to take some unneeded books to School House Supply in Portland.
- Someone to take several bags of cans and bottles in for recycling.

Parent night – Just a reminder that the Mandatory Parent Night is September 6th starting promptly at 7:00 p.m.  We are asking that one adult from each family attend. This is not an event for children.

Student Allergies – Please be aware that we have several students at MRA with severe food allergies, especially to peanuts.  We will have a peanut free table at lunch, but all of our students need to be aware of this concern and the need to keep hands, tables, etc clean and free of allergens.  More information will be in the September Newsletter.

Weekday Reminders -
Monday - No School, Labor Day
Tuesday - Grades 4 through 8 only
Wednesday - Grades 1 through 8 only. Also, this Wednesday will NOT be an early release day. This is the only Wednesday that will be a full day of school. Pick up will be at 2:50 for 1st through 3rd graders and 3:00 for 4th through 8th graders (or anyone with a 4th through 8th grader in their vehicle).
Thursday - Grades K through 8, 7:00 p.m. Mandatory Parent Night
Friday - Grades K through 8

Shelley Urben
Executive Director
Molalla River Academy"

Guess that's all for now.  See you soon!
- Mrs. Nilsen

Works Cited
     [1] Urben, Shelley. "MRA Parent Memo." 30 Aug. 2012. E-mail.

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