School countdown has begun!

by Mrs. Nilsen on August 24th, 2012

Homeroom, ELA, and Science Weekly News 8/24

Hey Seniors, parents, and community!

School’s starting just around the corner: only 11 sleeps, in fact!  (For those new Seniors, I like to count the days by the number of times you have to go to bed before something exciting happens.  I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.)  With such a big change in our lives coming up, I thought I would update you on a few more things going on in our Senior community as it is Friday.  I guess Mrs. Nilsen's Friday Weekly News is back in full swing now.

Teachers in different classrooms

I hope you know from the MRA newsletters our new director, Shelley Urben, has written that we’ve got a few physical changes in classrooms happening for this year.  I’m going to be in my same room, as is Mr. Oldham, but Mr. Workentin has moved to the old Art room for this school year.  His old room in the Quonset Hut is being turned into a school library and a computer lab.  We got a fabulous donation of computers for this year and it is going to add so much to our school and our students’ potential for technology success.  I’m quite excited to have these new developments happening all around me as I finish preparing for the year.

Next week is your last week of summer break (I say your as we teachers will be returning on Monday).  I hope that you enjoy every moment of it.  Play, sing, read, dance, explore, and create lots of memories.  I look forward to hearing all about them so soon.

Annual MRA BBQ

Next Tuesday is also our Annual BBQ where we celebrate coming back to school, meeting your new teacher(s) officially, and enjoy time together.  I hope each of you are able to attend.
[1] Urben, Shelley. "MRA Annual BBQ." Molalla River Academy Newsletter 2 (August 2012): 1. Print.

New website from Mr. W.

I just found out that Mr. Workentin worked on creating a classroom website this summer.  So if you're in Mr. Workentin's homeroom, or in 8th grade (ELA) or in math...wait, that's all of you!'ll want to make sure to bookmark this page for later use.  I'll make sure to get a link up on my page somewhere as well, in case you misplace yours.  I think it's wonderful that we're all trying to use technology to better our communication and connection.  It is simiply a tool for us to use, but a helpfuly one indeed.  

One last thought.

As much as I love summer, I'm really starting to miss all of you and I'm greatly looking forward to getting this school year started.  Enjoy your last week off, Seniors!  I'll see you Tuesday for the BBQ!

- Mrs. Nilsen

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