DonorsChoose Update - Project Fully Funded!

by Mrs. Nilsen on July 13th, 2012

Novel Study Fully Funded - Thank You Donors!

Thanks to two special donors, Carla Nilsen and Starbucks Oregon, a full class set of the Newbery Award Winner, A Wrinkle In Time, will be delivered to our school at the beginning of the year for use in our 6th grade ELA class.  I wrote this brief thank you on our DonorsChoose page:

"Dear Carla Nilsen and Starbucks Oregon,

Thank you so much for your generous donations! Your interest in my classroom and the success of my students will have a tremendous impact on their learning this fall. I'm greatly looking forward to planning and implementing a novel literary analysis this year. This project would not be possible without your willingness to help.

Studying literature is a wonderful opportunity that I believe all students should have. Your contributions mean the world to me as I struggle to gather appropriate, engaging supplies to meet the academic and emotional needs of my students in a resource-scarce school. You have not only provided my kids with a wonderful opportunity, but you have given this teacher hope. I will carry that spirit of hope and thankfulness into the school year and be a better teacher because of it.

I sincerely thank you for all you have done for me and for all your gift will do for my students.
With gratitude,

Mrs. N"

Once we receive the materials this fall, we will create a thank-you package to send to our donors to further show our gratitude and appreciation.  If you have a moment to go to their DonorsChoose profile and thank them, I'm sure it would be appreciated.  I love when people come together and help other people.  That's what being a community is all about.  

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