Last Science Weekly News for 2011-2012 school year!

by Mrs. Nilsen on June 8th, 2012

Science Weekly News 6/4 - 6/8

Final Science Project = check! We finished up our last big Science project for the year on Tuesday.  Students worked on writing final reports (and if they did really well, transforming it into a blog post on here) early this week.  I highly suggest giving our students a big round of applause and reading through the posts the groups wrote about their projects.  Be sure to comment and tell them what you thought of their projects!
The students who met deadline expecations with their project (all parts were due Tuesday) finished up the week with a celebration: watching Disney/Pixar's "Wall-E" and remembering how we are responsible for the upkeep and care our our planet.  Students put that knowledge into practice these last few weeks with their projects.  

Science this year has been an absolute blast to teach!  Thank you students, for being involved, curious, and willing to learn.  I will miss you all dearly this summer.  For the 8s moving on, I know that much Science exploration still awaits you in High School.  Remember to call upon your knowledge of Scientific Inquiry and all you learned here at MRA.  Remember too, I'm only an email/engrade message/blog post away.  I would love to have you come back to help out and gain some community service hours.  Good luck in all you do!

Lastly, 6 and 7s, I'm already looking forward to next year and how to make Science even more innovative, interactive, hands-on, rigerous, and fun!  Take the summer to rest up students, because next year's Science class will "rock your world!"


Summer Break begins for students on June 13th!!!  

Next year's Science Theme: Patterns and Diversity!

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