Operation Clean-Up

Guest Post from a Science Group

We survived our final project! We did it!

Those first couple days were hard because we were all given so much room to do what we wanted with the project. Where were we supposed to start? Finally, we settled on cleaning up Ivor Davies park in Molalla. It was a place that some of us had used before with our families, and we knew what the community had been doing to it. It wasn’t being treated fairly, and we wanted to change that.
We put together an ‘action plan’ and decided on what we wanted the final result to look like. After touring the site all together as a group, we were disgusted at the amount of trash that was everywhere: in bushes, in the water, scattered across the path, it was just horrible. We knew what we needed to do: this park needed to change.

On May 25th, our plan was put into action. We arrived at the site with water testing equipment, gloves, garbage bags, a chainsaw and other tools (to demolish a picnic table that was rotting the land around it) and we were ready to change the environment. We split up into different groups to do the different jobs. Nicole and Brooke were on water testing, Taylor & Kaitlyn along with our group of volunteers were in charge of picking up trash around the trail, and Janet and Jasmine along with Padre Whitmore were taking apart the broken table. We all got to work quickly.
Taylor was also kind enough to bring some walkie-talkies for all of us to communicate with while we were all in different areas. They were….fun. Some of us really tried to get into ‘spy mode’ with them, calling each other different code names and responding to messages with ‘roger that!’
Everybody was willing to do their assigned tasks, and we all just wanted to help make Ivor Davies look better. We believe that we achieved that!
We worked diligently for about an hour. We worked on picking up trash, and picking up the picnic table, and getting it put into a wheelbarrow for hauling away. Unfortunately, Brooke and Nicole had a little bit of trouble with the water tests. The tests weren’t working as well as we’d hoped, and we only found results for the hardness test.

Sometimes experiments just don’t work out, but we definitely learned a lot! It was a great learning experience.

Thanks to our volunteers, Mark Howatt at City Hall, and the hard work that our group put into this, Operation Clean-Up was a success! We think our efforts benefited the community and helped make Ivor Davies a better place!
Reflections from Group Members:

Well, we did it. Operation Clean-Up is over! It seems like a great way to wrap up this year in Science (and for me, wrapping up my science experience in general here at MRA). After the Science Fair and all the work that was put into that, I was a little bit shocked to find out that we would be doing another big project. I was lucky enough to get a great group, though, so I felt a little better after heading into this.

Well, we did our Operation! It was a great way  to spread what our school has been doing throughout the year! I was very proud of what we did! I was very sad that this was the last project of the year but, at the same time so excited! Thank you all for all of your help and support!!

I think Operation Clean-up was a success! We had a lot of fun, we worked together great as a group, and I think we really helped our community out. This was an awesome way to wrap up my science experience at MRA. Way to go, guys. We rock.

I think Operation Clean-up ran very smoothly and I think that it was very effective.  We all had a lot of fun and I think we made a fantastic group.  I hope everyone will notice our hard work and do their part to keep the park from getting polluted again.  Good job guys!  You are all amazing pickles.

I think that we did an awesome job on Operation Clean-up.  We cleaned up three bags of trash in one hour.  All of us worked together really well on this project.  While we were there, someone thanked us for what we were doing.  Hopefully people will notice what we did.  Good job everyone!!!

Well, I feel that Operation Clean-Up went very well. It was a great way to wrap up our final month of science, and a final year at MRA. We were able to haul out three bags of trash in just over an hour, and that is saying something! There was a lady there who told us thank you for what you girls are doing. I might be paraphrasing a little, but it was still gratifying to hear her say that.

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Name - June 13th, 2012 at 1:54 PM
People who know me well, know garbage is a giant pet peeve of mine. I cannot tell you how happy and proud it makes me to know students who would take on a project like this that benefits so many. Ivor Davies trail is continually used and to have a cleaned up is huge. Pat yourselves on the back. You deserve it and I know the community appreciates your efforts.

Robin Stafford

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