Short Science Week

by Mrs. Nilsen on April 28th, 2012

Science Weekly News 4/23 - 4/27

Good morning parents, students, and other members of our community.

What a week!  While it was only 3 days, we were quite busy.  With the Science Fair one week from today, students worked on researching, planning, running tests, collecting data, and compiling information into a presentable form.  Students showed me their rough drafts on Monday, their note cards on Tuesday, and their Logbooks today.  I brought additional research
 from the Multnomah County Library (in the form of over a hundred books) for students to use if they were having difficulty finding information at the Molalla Library.  We’ve worked hard on how to conduct an internet search that will yield results and how to evaluate sources for credibility…all while simultaneously working on their independent projects.  Shoof!

After seeing all of their work, I know that for a good majority of our Seniors, there is still a long road ahead of them this week.  As there is no school Thursday and Friday, I hope students used their time wisely and get their projects finished up.  I aligned the project with these days off (also spring break, and days off for parent teacher conferences) to give students ample time to complete a quality project.  I’m greatly looking forward to the fair and the students wowing my socks off! 

A big thank you to Julie Walker, who subbed for me a few times during this week when I had to attend to administrative tasks.  She also worked with individual students and gave them feedback and support for their specific projects.  Thanks Julie!


Tuesday, May 1st
- Homework Club 3-4 pm

Wednesday, May 2nd
- 1st Annual MRA Science Fair!  (I typed the wrong time last week so here's the correct time frame: 12:45 - 2:30 pm)  Please come and see all of our student's projects during that time.  It will be a walk through style in the Quonset Hut.  I hope to see as many family and community members as possible.

It's going to be a big week for our Seniors.  For the Fair, they need to have all four parts of their project complete (Logbook, Display, Paper, and Presentation).  We will be practicing our speeches in class Monday and Tuesday in our final stages of preparation for the Fair.  I'm super excited!

I'm also looking for a parent volunteer (or two) to document our fair.  I'd like a picture of every student.  The Senior Team will be busy scoring projects, so if anyone enjoys being fancy with a camera, let me know.

If students have any questions or concerns, email/engrade me over the weekend and I'll respond as soon as I can.  Good luck and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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