Green Week and Back to Class

by Mrs. Nilsen on April 20th, 2012

Science Weekly News 4/16 - 4/20

Good evening Science parents and students,

We jumped right back into the thick of things upon our return from Outdoor School.  This week we debriefed from our trip, brainstormed some projects we will be working on during the last month of Science classes (specifically with making a difference environmentally now with what we learned from ODS), and turned our attention to the upcoming Science Fair.  This week, some time was
given for students to work on aspects of their projects in class.  It allowed me time to check in with students and see how they are coming on their independent project. 

The 8th graders took their 2nd round of OAKS testing and all the students, in general, worked hard all week.  Mr. Oldham even kidded with me that the homework he assigned wasn’t getting done as students are jazzed about working on their Science Fair projects.  I love Science, too, so I understand how they could get lost in inquiry.  Quite like getting caught in a good book, when you’re truly interested in what you are studying, you want to do little else.  I’m thankful to have such enthusiastic students here at MRA.  Although, Mr. Oldham, maybe they're just afraid if they do well in your class, you'll sing to them some more. ;)


Monday, April 23rd:
     - 1st Draft of SF paper due (this does not have to be finished, as I know many students are still working on their tests.  I want to see most of it done though.  I want to see that students are getting their research down and citing sources correctly.  Looking at rough drafts will allow me to help students get their papers ready for the fair.  Check Engrade for the full rubrics and expectations of all parts of the project.)

Tuesday, April 24th:
     - Note Cards for Presentation Due (same as the 1st draft above)
     - Homework Club 3-4pm

Wednesday, April 25th:
     - Logbook Check-in #3
     - Science Fair is one week from this day!

Thursday, April 26th:
     - No School: Staff Development Day

Friday, April 27th:
     - No School: Staff Development Day

Tuesday, May 1st:
     - Homework Club 3-4pm

Wednesday, May 2nd:
     - 1st Annual MRA Science Fair: 1:45 – 2:30 pm in Quonset Hut

I know it’s a lot to get done, but I’m so looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment our Seniors will feel after this feat.  It’s going to be great!  Good luck this weekend as you work hard on your projects.  Thank you parents for helping your student be successful and supporting them as they continue to learn about the scientific world around them.  Have a great weekend!

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