It's April! Where has the time gone?

by Mrs. Nilsen on April 6th, 2012

Friday again, and time to send a quick update for this past week and look at what’s coming up in the future here in Mrs. Nilsen’s class.

Homeroom Weekly News 4/2 - 4/6

Spring Break has come and gone, as well as this short two-day week.  I’ve really enjoyed the conferences I’ve had with the 6/7 parents who were able to schedule time to check in with me and how their student is doing in school.  It takes all of us, the teacher, the parents, the school, and the community working together to help our children and students be the most successful.
 I’m so thankful to work in a school where parents want to be involved and invested when they can.  Even if you can’t make it up to school often, at conferences I could feel the real concern for your student’s well-being and education.  It’s so refreshing to me.  Thank you for your commitments to your child, to being and advocate for them, and to our community here at MRA. 

Homeroom this week was quite brief, with auction project work and covering expectations for ODS next week, the time was there and gone almost before I knew it was happening.  Students seemed to have had good breaks and were excited to share all about their adventures.


ODS is next week!!  I’m so excited and I know the students are too.  (This will also be written on the Science Update blog).  Here’s the overview for the week:

Monday we will be participating in an all day Social Science Simulation centered on the themes and standards students have been learning in Mr. Oldham’s classes.  As we will be here at MRA all day, we expect students to be in uniform on Monday.  (The rest of the week we want students to dress appropriately, and that may not be in uniform depending on the weather.)  Monday’s going to be a challenging day, full of exciting problems for students to solve in a very hands-on way.  All three senior classes will be participating together. 

Tuesday morning we will be going on a field trip to the Hopkins Demonstration Forest.  This trip will be our transition from the simulation the day before, to our more nature science focused themes the rest of the week.  We will also be tying in math concepts and challenges for students during this trip.  After returning to MRA for a slightly later lunch, students and teachers will do any last minute ODS prep and Auction Art Project work in their classrooms that afternoon.

Wednesday we head off for Camp Cedar Ridge!  Please have your student at school on time (8:15) with everything they need for camp packed.  We will return in time for students to catch the bus on Friday afternoon.  Please DO NOT pack medications of any kind in your student’s luggage.  Medications will be collected by teachers and given directly to the registered nurse upon arrival to Cedar Ridge.  Papers went home this week with what to pack and bring to ODS.  I’ve attached that Packing Guide paper to the weekly news email and linked it on our blog along with a copy of the “Student Handbook” for you and your student to review.  I cannot stress the importance of bringing WARM things, and WATERPRROOF (not water resistant) items for students.  It is always better to be prepared and then it end up being sunny and beautiful.  The opposite is far more likely.  We do live in Oregon, after all. 

I also want to stress the importance of what NOT to bring.  Do not allow your child to bring electronic items, money, or CELL PHONES!  They probably won’t work on site and are not allowed at camp.  I assure you that the staff will have other ways of communicating (radios to call main camp with a land-line) and students will be supervised at all times.  They will not need a cell phone.  If I find any phones that accidently get packed, I will hold on to them for the remainder of the camp for the student.  Please see the ODS sheet for other items not allowed at camp.

I always thought it was fun to receive mail at camp.  It’s a good way for families to connect to their child and still be within the “norm” of camp life.  If you would like to send a letter to your child during ODS, send it early and send it to the following address:

Student’s Name
Camp Cedar Ridge
PO Box 296
Vernonia, OR 97064

If there is internet connection at the camp (some sites have it, others do not), I will try to send out an update from camp.  I can’t make any promises here however.  If you do not hear from us, assume no news is good news.  If something is wrong, we will get in touch with you.  We may be in the woods for a couple nights, but our students are by no means “roughing it.”  We will have ways to contact you if the need arises.  ODS camps are used to taking up to 200 students a week through their program, some for 4 days and 5 nights.  Our 55 students in attendance will be well taken care of and looked after.  I will make sure of that. 

Thank you, in advance for trusting me (and the rest of the Senior Team) with your child.  It is going to be one of the most memorable trips for our students.  They will learn, laugh, explore, play, and never forget their experiences at ODS.  It is my extreme pleasure to be able to take such a wonderful group of students on a trip like this.

I can't wait!  As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I'm just an email away.  Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs. Nilsen

p.s. - ODS Payments

Just a quick update on payment.  As Mr. Fanning has said, there are options for payment plans and possible help depending on the situation.  We are asking that all arrangements for ODS payments be made with the office BEFORE you child attends ODS.  However and whenever you are paying needs to be known to the office by Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Thank you.

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Sage - May 24th, 2012 at 4:56 PM
I'm so glad school is almost over. YEAH! :). It will be kind of sad beacuse I shall be board all day. WAAA! :(. Wow. I'll be in 7th grade next year: one more year closer to high school!
Summerlynn - June 1st, 2012 at 1:40 PM
ODS (out door school) was so much fun. All the cabin leaders were just makes me wonder how Mrs. Nilsen got all the photos from out door school if she was on a trip? :)

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