About Mrs. Nilsen

Emily Allen Nilsen (eallennilsen.com) moved from the Midwest to Portland with her husband, Andrew, to experience the beauty and joy that is Oregon and the Northwest. She grew up in a small farming community in Southern Illinois and lived in Southern Iowa for four years during her undergraduate education. Emily graduated with a BA with Honors in Elementary Education from Graceland University.

Emily worked in Portland Public Schools while attaining her degree with 3rd graders. Afterwards, she explored her passion for the outdoors and middle schoolers in her position with Northwest Regional ESD as an Outdoor School Field Instructor. She taught hundreds of middle schoolers about the wonderful plant life of the Pacific Northwest. The hands on learning environment greatly prepared her for her placement at MRA.

Emily believes in students, in their innate curiosity, creativity, and worth. She believes that students deserve to develop their talents and gifts through exploration, challenge, and community. She is working in collaboration with coworkers, parents, and students to create that community and learning environment.

Emily is a guitar picking, hug giving, volleyball spiking, yoga leading, loud singing, laughter ringing, smile sparkling, star gazing, picture taking, book worming, poetry reading, email writing, high fiving, world traveling, silly skipping, tree climbing, science experimenting, and happy dancing type of educator. She is living and loving the philosophy of MRA and watching her students blossom.

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I will send home the expectations below at the beginning of every year to be reviewed and signed by students. My students should never have to guess what I want from them. If they agree to these expectations, we will have a fun, fantastic, year full of learning, growth, and understanding.

Academic Expectations:

Be Cooporative: We are a community, we are a team. I expect you to work with one another and with me towards our goals.

Be Responsible: I expect you to do your own work and always be willing to try. By trying we might discover things we didn't even know about ourselves, our community, or the world around us. Come prepared and ready to learn.

Be A Worker: I truly believe that there is much to be learned from hard work. I expect your best effort and I will give you the same in return.

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful: We all deserve respect. I expect you to give and receive it. By giving it to each other, we are saying we believe all people are important.

Be Safe: I expect you to follow all safety instructions for your benefit as well as others. Be smart. I know you know what to do and what not to do.

Be Yourself: In our classroom, I expect you to be yourself. As long as what you are doing does not disrupt or disturb anyone else, you are free to just be yourself.

Contact Information

Molalla River Academy
16897 S. Callahan Rd.
Molalla, OR 97038
Phone: (503) 829-6672
Fax: (503) 729-6672

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Students, parents, and teachers: we all have rights.

What I expect of my students is never kept secret. I've listed my expectations below so that our time together can be productive and collaborative from the first day to our last.

I expect to give my very best to make my classes interesting and stimulating, and therefore expect nothing less than student's best efforts in return. Such effort includes excellent attendance, preparation for class, listening to and following directions, asking questions, class participation, and completing assigned work on time.

As a student, it is your right and privilege to learn without distraction. No one has the right to violate another person's right to learn and such violation will not be tolerated. Please show consideration to others.

As parents and guardians, it is your right to know how your child is doing in our classroom. It takes both of us, the teacher and the parent, working with our students to help them be successful. I look forward to this mutual communication, collaboration, and effort to love and support our students. You are always welcome to engage in our classroom as you are part of our community, too.

As a teacher, I have the right to teach. It is my privilege and pleasure to work with students, parents, and other educators every day to bring knowledge, questions, and wonder to the next generation. It is my responsibility to bring my passion, my expertise, and my creativity to our classroom and give our students my all.