Diving Into Content

by Mrs. Nilsen on September 14th, 2013

Weekly ELA and Science News 9/9 - 9/13

Now that we're finally starting to get to know one another, the schedule, and what being a Senior at MRA is all about, it's time to dive into our subject level content.  This week, we began that journey along with collecting some baseline data through pre-assessments.  These assessments help me be a better teacher by knowing exactly where each of our students are.  We finished a writing assessment and are working through our reading assessments currently.  New reading adventures are on the horizon - keep your eyes peeled for next week with a full update on our reading/writing for 6th grade ELA this year!

So what did we do when we weren't doing assessments this week?  Take a look below and be very jealous of all the fun we're having!
In ELA, we've begun our journey into notebooking!  More info to come on this next week!
In science, the 6th graders are learning about the Scientific Method.  Our first lesson used pop-ups to introduce the vocabulary.  Always a class favorite!
The 6s and 7s are doing a quick refresher of the Scientific Method and a few other critical skills we will use all year.  This lesson had students using their critical thinking skills trying to figure out a pattern, while simultaneously comparing and contrasting predictions and hypotheses.  
There are some other awesome classes going on - electives!  While I won't update on these every week, I'll try to get some pictures and update every so often.  This one is from the MRA Leadership team.  We're gearing up to get a composting program going at MRA!  More to come on this later as well.  
There's so much happening and more to come from "Nilsenclassrom" (my new twitter in case you are in that part of the interwebs...) and from MRA in the coming weeks.  Here's to diving into content and the fun we will have while we learn!

Looking Forward

Monday, September 16th: 
Scrip order due today.  Remember to go to www.escrip.com to register your Safeway card to give MRA an automatic donation every time you shop or purchase gas
7:00 pm Boosters Meeting at the Molalla Aquatic Park, all are welcome to attend!

Tuesday, September 17th:    
Subway lunch orders due no later than 3:00 pm
3:15 pm Robotics Team meeting in Debbie Hood's classroom - parents and students who signed up are invited to attend this informational meeting
6:30 pm MRA Board Meeting at MRA

Wednesday , September 18th:         
1:00 p.m. Early Release     
Pizza orders and money due no later than 1:00 p.m. (late orders will not be accepted)

Thursday, September 19th:
3:15 Outdoor School meeting for parents and students grades 6 and 7 in Mrs. Nilsen's room.

Friday, September 19th:
Dress Up Friday
MRA T-shirt/sweatshirt orders due. 

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 23 - 6:00pm Strategic Planning Meeting
Sept. 27 - Jog-a-thon
Oct. 8 - School Pictures
Oct. 14-18 - Outdoor School Grades 6 and 7
Oct. 17 - Parent Education Night - Fitness and Health: The Benefits

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